Faculty Entering Attendance Tutorial





First navigate to the Student|Space signup page by going to the main rio website at www.rio.edu and click the Student|Space icon as shown here.




Next click on one of the 2 links provided to take you to the Student|Space sign in page


If you cannot read the links above, they point to https://hope.rio.edu/studentspace/signup.aspx



You will then be taken to this page where you select your workgroup from a dropdown box



Then you would type in your Username and Password here


After a successful login you will be greeted with your contact information page.You should then click the Set Semester tab at the top to make sure youíre viewing the information for the correct semester.



Youíll then be taken to this page.If the Faculty Default Semester is [Not Set] then you will not see any classes.Click the Edit button shown to set the semester.




Youíll then be taken to this page where you will select the default semester from a drop down box.




Select your semester from the drop down



Click the Save button to save your selection



After setting the Faculty Default Semester click on the tab at the top labeled Class List and you should see a list of the classes youíre teaching for that semester.Next, click the button labeled Open under the Absent(s) column to open the batch attendance page.



Here you can enter the attendance and itís like working in a spreadsheet.Double click the box next to the student in the Quarter column and you will see a blinking cursor.Enter the number 99 if the student hasnít been attending class (ex. The student signs up for the class but never shows up).Once thatís done, hit the button labeled Submit to save.




There is also a flash demo on the Student|Space link page called faculty demo that shows how to enter grades, enter attendance, and view class roster.